Artist's Statement

With this temporary separation, the anticipation of the uncovering is felt and there is an eminent dawn of revelation breaking through this veil leading to a vulnerable transparency of matter and spirit.
For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the Celtic beliefs of the veil being so thin at “Samhain” in special places. I have visited special places where I experienced a very thin divide between past and present even if only for a moment. These unpopulated spaces can be still and gentle or wild and fierce. It is no surprise that this magical Island has attracted and inspired the most famous of our artists to capture and view the “Veiled Spaces".

My surroundings on a daily basis informs my work. The dynamics of the ocean that surrounds me lend themselves readily to an abstract treatment. This means departing from realistic description to translate nature into an abstract world of shape, pattern, colour, line and texture. Nature is always the source.
I have recently introduced cold wax medium with oil in my work, some of which is exhibited here. The work is built up in layers, and it brings a slightly transparent topography, just providing enough information to recognise the place. Whether it is mountain, shore, cliff, sea, bog or strand, the veil between here and there, then and now is visible to me. There are moments in these special places where I sense the past, present and future.
Colour has always been very important in my work and is invariably influenced by the ever changeable mood of nature, weather, and climate. Sometimes the light and colour in these “Veiled Spaces “floods every core of life and at others wild and terrifying, it pushes human existence to its limits.